• Phone : 05172-250800, 09415055575
  • Email : sahajni.lalitpur02@gmail.com

Sahjani Shiksha Kendra is a women organization which is focused on making a linkage between women’s empowerment, literacy, and education with the objective of empowering women and adolescent girls. It started in 2002 in Lalitpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Its training ground has expanded across 175 villages of Mahrauni, Madawara and Birdha block of Lalitpur.

Whereabout About 10,000 women of Dalit, Aadivasi and backward class have associated with this organization in its journey spanning last 16 years. Currently, SSK(Sahjani Shiksa Kendra) is working with children also.

SSK is a holistic and long-term program enabling women to deal with the right to work, right to food, right to education and violence against women at the community level. It works step by step in the fight for women’s movement andrights.