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My name is Gyasi. I live in Khatora village.I came to study at the block level camp of SSK in 2002.At that time I could hardly read and write.I just managed to write my name.After that, I went to study for 30 days at the block level camp.I learned to read and write in these camps.Along with the studies I was getting aware of lot of other things like violence against women and women’s rights.I kept thinking, how and what to do about these issues.The violence which other women were facing was happening with me also. Later, with my strengthened literacy skill I got a job of a teacher in SSK which gave me a chance to teach and learn as well.I started taking up these issues and got a chance to work with SSK in different positions. I could raise my voice on different matters like having food with Dalits, allowed to wear slippers and earn some respect for Dalit community.Today I give the confidence to other women which I gained while working in SSK.The main objective of women’s literacy is to empower women and adolescent girls who have always been deprived of equal opportunities the focus of literacy programmes is investing in women’s own capabilities, make them more confident, build their skills to face the challenge and question about their rights.Today I am the coordinator of Birdha block and look after the entire block.I also help supervisor in the literacy centre.