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Deep blue skirt, sky blue shirt, a jhola(cloth bag) in hand,around 15-16 year old.This is Parvati.She was the first girl in Dongar village who came to study in the camp.Her face was glowing with confidence and arrogance.The arrogance came from the fact that she was the only girl in the village who was not married, and helped her mother in farming,Even though she was enrolled in the school but she never attended the classes.Parvati really enjoyed studying at the SSK camp.But she was not happy with the rules and regulations of the camp.She did not like the food at the camp and mixing with other women.Coming to camp was a daily struggle for Parvati.But she attended most of the camps.When Jani Patrika (Bundeli magazine for the neo-literates)was launched, Parvati was included in the team.She ran few literacy centres.Simultaneously she worked on her reading-writing skills.Today she is at the post of field supervisor and helps in information centres of Mehrauni block